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We are so, so glad that you visited our website today. When you visit us we may look a little different than the church down the street, so we want to tell you a little about us and how we got started so you know our background; we also hope to talk to you and find out yours.

About 3 years ago, a small group of us that knew each other but were involved in different churches started asking each other questions.  What did the Bible, specifically the New Testament, really say about a church, its purpose and why we actually meet together?  We got a few other friends and friends of friends to get together and started a Bible study looking specifically at these questions.  We went through verse by verse and spent a lot of time looking at doctrine, practices, spiritual gifts, roles, and what the purpose of the church really is.

After a year of studying these things and praying together, we one by one began to feel called by God to start a Church.  This was not our original intention when we started our Bible study, and we all were a little surprised by each other when we began talking about how we felt God wanted us to start another church.  How could we?  A small group, no experience in church planting, young, from all different backgrounds, no pastor, no great teachers or evangelists…how could we be used by God?  But slowly and surely, the Lord continued to lead us all in that direction, and the birth of Bethesda Bible Church came about.

God has taught us a lot these last couple of years and continues to mold and form us to the Church He wants us to be.  We have spent a lot of time studying doctrine versus practice and tried to forget what we knew from our old Churches and start fresh with what the Bible teaches.  It has been, and continues to be, a challenge but the reward has been great as we diligently seek God’s will.

We have been praying for you.  Yeah, you’re right–we don’t know you, but God does and we have been asking Him to bring through our doors exactly who He wants us to meet.  We don’t know if you’ll be back or not (we really hope you will be!), but God knows you and loves you and because of that, we love you.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!

Because of His love-

Bethesda Bible Church

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